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Welcome to Satyoga

An opportunity to practice, explore and learn more about the
wonderful world of Yoga.

In the path of understanding ourselves and what is inherent within Us, including illness, we went from acknowledging our body’s symptoms and needs (our material reality), to addressing our emotional selves (our psychosomatic reality.) Only recently have we begun to understand the depth of the mind-body-spirit connection and the need to converge into a more holistic approach.

This union within us and with all that exists happens beyond our beliefs, beyond our likes or dislikes, and even beyond our consciousness. Yoga is the body of knowledge that describes this unity and the way it works, the “know how” of the Universe. And just as when cleaning a crystal we do not add any clarity to it, when we practice Yoga we only bring to light a piece of knowledge that is already within each one of us. We are that knowledge!

Yoga offers us those specific techniques that will provide the ‘missing links’ to our selves, the information that will enlighten the pieces of the puzzle that have been forgotten.

Let us explore this wonderful manual for life that comes from Source and returns to It.

Let Us, in the abundance of Life, rejoice!

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